Cosmetic dentistry is an ever evolving field of dentistry which encompasses a multi-disciplinary approach for creation of aesthetically pleasing smiles. Our treatment goals in aesthetic dentistry have always revolved around choosing anaesthetic solution which best fulfils the needs and expectations of the patient. It is directly influenced by a correct clinical diagnosis , adept skills and thorough knowledge of various materials and available technology.  The very essence of contemporary aesthetic dentistry is to bring about a stunning transformation with minimally invasive techniques that are not only conservative in nature but which also take occlusion into consideration so that the primary objective of amalgamating form, function and aesthetics in each case is met with. 

To restore missing tooth in form, colour and function are the basic tenets of any esthetic treatment. The creation and maintainence of healthy soft tissue contours around teeth and restorations as well as restoring all global smile discrepancies like smile line harmony, symmetry , proportion, etc.  are all necessary for a ‘vow’ outcome. Responsible aesthetics demands that a clinician should strive hard to achieve all these goals with an approach that is conservative of the oral tissues, keeping in mind the longevity of the treatment rendered to a maximum and the need for subjecting the patient to repeated restorative cycles to a minimum